THE MENSROOM | An exemplary site filled with the joys of 60’s smut, tiki culture, and vintage music. Lesbian paperbacks, Rat Pfink, Fax Records, and Dave's bookstore. Lots of paperback covers to view. Visit again and again and pester Dave to update more often. Highly recommended.

TAWDRY TOWN | Nice page dedictated to vintage paperbacks. Of particular interest is their links page which is a good resource to vintage paperbacks on the web, why repeat their efforts here, go straight to the source. Again, beg for more updates.

THE PULP.NET | A website loaded with information about Pulp Magazines on the web. Tons of links to pulp newsgroups, websites, and etexts.

FIND A GRAVE | Searching for a celebrity gravesite? Look no further.

H.P. LOVECRAFT ARCHIVE | An incredible resource for the followers of the master. Why can't more of the pulp writers have reference sources this good?


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