About Us

Kayo Books is a brick and mortar bookstore recently re-located to our new location at 907 Post Street in San Francisco.  Open to the public since 1996, we are open by appointment or happenstance.  If we are here, we are open, just knock or ring the bell.  To make sure email or call ahead.  Our specialties include vintage paperbacks, pulps, cartoons, comics and comix, vintage magazines, music flyers and memorabilia, records, counterculture, gay and lesbian pulps, books, memorabilia and ephemera, original illustration and comic artwork, movie memorabilia and posters, vintage erotica, and much more including interesting books of all persuasions.  We are always buynig interesting items in our fields and large collections.  Please contact us if you have any items for sale.  We offer 100 percent satisfaction on all purchases.  Ron and Maria